Vending at AnimeWeekend Atlanta 2021

Inspired by the way Korean pop idols are trained and packaged into an “ideal image,” sculpted by companies- and how high of a standard they are held to by the public and their own fans. Many common idol-concepts involves otherworldly themes, such as the idols having supernatural abilities of even being from another planet- this helps create a skewed sense of reality between the idols and the fans that worship them.

By using traditional stained glass techniques and the viewers’ preconceived notions about the religious history of the medium, I create idealized portraits of Korean pop idols, as seen through the eyes of their fans. Where many idols are held on such high pedestals that they are being worshiped as holy figures and stripped of their humanity. Thus creating a new Hallyu Wave of modern iconography.

In recent years, I have been a featured guest at both KCON NY and KCON LA annually, where I can exhibit my works as well as teach several workshops. Each workshop teaches attendants aspects of my personal works, such as how to embroider, or paint portraits based on my stained glass designs. Each year the workshops grow in complexity, with over 2,000 attendants collectively.

From my fine art background and MFA thesis, I am currently expanding my personal studio to a growing business brand. EXOLANSIS has been featured at local events, as well as out of state conventions. I produce buttons, shirts, embroidered patches, and enamel pins, based on my stained glass works and personal interests. I am always looking for new ways to display and modernize works, and have recently expanded into wearables! Check out my etsy for more examples: